Day 19! Brilliant. Well done, Susan. That's really interesting to hear about how you incentivise yourself with prizes.

I'm planning to try Pro Writing Aid with my manuscript. I hear lots of good things.

Ha! Love to hear you've enlisted Gwyneth to read out your work! I found it helpful too hearing it a more human voice and an accent different to my own. I think I'll defo use it in future. (Tip, when I cancelled it after the trial, it offered 50% off. I'm not paying yet but I may do one day)

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Loving getting to hear your voice describing your writing process in this update! It's the first one I've managed to make time to listen to and now I'm definitely going back to hear the others. Love the sound of these tools - the mention of Snoop Dogg is more than enough to pique my curiosity. Excited to hear your report on Strange Horticulture too; I'm typically shit at coming up with rewards for myself (though this makes me think maybe I should give it another go) but I did once also give myself a game as a writing reward: it was an adorable, queer cosy character-focused story called Night in the Woods that I really enjoyed!

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