Reader, imagine Cloudbusting by Kate Bush is playing on the breeze.

This Gif is as close as you’ll get to me dancing here. Consider this a place where there aren’t any loud, short clips that beg you to swipe. You won’t see me pointing at phrases popping up on the screen. I’ve tried to be that; it was never me.

So, what is The Wild and the Quiet?

The Wild and the Quiet is a line from Tove Jansson’s Moominland Midwinter. I saw it out of context and it stayed with me. I think it fits where many of us are right now, striving for the balance between the wild and the quiet.

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Imagine the artist's sketchbook or the writer's notebook, laid bare. Sharing my journey of creativity, making the frustrations and the triumphs into something to lift us all up or to make us feel less alone.

It's the wild and the quiet of being creative, the peaks and troughs, the harvest and fallow periods. And, the wild and the quiet of being a woman, being neurodiverse, being human, the cycles of life.

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About me

I’m a writer who loves the horror, the uncanny and the weird.

My eco-horror novel, Earthly Bodies, came out in 2021 and Dark Is The Water, a horror flash fiction collection, Dark Is The Water in 2022.

I’m still on social media as @susanearlam but after over ten years I’ve fallen out of love with it. Here on Substack is where I’ll be signposting from this point.

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Susan Earlam

Writer and creative. Obsessed with the uncanny. Lifting the veil on a writing life at The Wild and The Quiet. Playing in the margins where sci-fi, magic and horror overlap. ADHDer. Cat whisperer.