What is The Wild and the Quiet?

This is the Substack home of me, horror author Susan Earlam.

Writing online since 2010 I pivoted to fiction when the call of the strange and unusual grew irresistible. I procrastinate by writing short, weird stuff when I should be editing the next novel.

My eco-horror book, Earthly Bodies, came out in 2021 and I published a horror flash fiction collection, Dark Is The Water in 2022.

As an author, much of my time is spent reading. My fiction revolves around the uncanny, things that are adjacent to real life but are just a bit off, weird or horrific.

I'll share research benders, mycelium mentionings, uncanny underneaths, and esoteric explorations.

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I enjoy making connections with things that may perhaps at first glance, seem unconnected. I love getting to the bottom of things, full-on investigations. In another life, I’d be a librarian who did archaeology on the side. A feminist version of Indiana Jones perhaps.

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The inner workings of a horror author's brain, nature stuff, and what keeps me up at night.


Susan Earlam

Writer and creative. Obsessed with the uncanny. My fiction focuses a lot on bodies and their potential for transformation. Playing in the margins where sci-fi, magic and horror overlap. ADHDer. Cat whisperer.